What is your carbon footprint?

WWF calculator

Lent 2014 kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, 5 March. We’re excited that you’ve decided to identify with Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness by carbon fasting this year.

We welcome you to participate not only by downloading the 40-day guide and sharing it with your friends, family and church, but also by keeping the conversation going with us here on the Carbon Fast 2014 blog and our Facebook page.


To get ready for the carbon fast, start by calculating your current carbon footprint using this easy-to-use app developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Please share your results here or on Facebook along with your thoughts.

Lori-Rae-van-LarenLori-Rae van Laren, a South African student, had this to say about her footprint:

My carbon footprint: 2.83 planets
I’ve always felt like I was doing enough for our environment so it was interesting to see that I’m ‘part of the problem’. Working through the carbon footprint calculator I realised that in many circumstances I feel like change is out of my control. As a student you can’t dictate how the house you rent is set up (or not set up) to combat environmental and climate change. And organic food does not fit the student budget! The biggest lesson that I have learnt being involved in this campaign is that I do have a voice and I can make a difference in my home, university and neighbourhood. I am also making a personal commitment this year to utilising public transport more often. Living in South Africa, It’s not as easy and convenient as driving but change is more important than convenience!

3 thoughts on “What is your carbon footprint?”

  1. It was frightening to realise how many planets I need to support my lifestyle, at the same time a wake-up call to start making changes to improve my lifestyle to make this planet a better place for all to share. I’m starting today, I believe though small contribution, there will be a difference.

      1. A worrisome 3.8
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