Day 0: Ash Wednesday

3, 2, 1 … Lent!

Welcome to Carbon Fast 2014! We hope that it will be an inspiring, and lifestyle- and world-changing experience.

Let’s start with a prayer as we embark on the road less travelled together:

Gracious Lord, as we fast from carbon, we mourn the destruction of so much of your creation. May we take up the challenge to walk the path less travelled, to restore more of your creation than we destroy. Help us to act with love and care for all that you have created.

To start this 40-day fast, why not calculate your current carbon footprint?

Click here for a UK-based calculator (suggested for countries where keeping your home heated during winter months can be costly) You may also need to use a currency converter to translate Pounds into your local currency.

Click here for an Australia-based calculator for countries with a more moderate climate.

Please share your footprint  and your thoughts on it on our Facebook page!


Rev. Rachel Mash from Cape Town, South Africa: 1,77 planets

I found the carbon footprint calculator quite sobering. I scored 1,77 planets, a scary thought! I am using way above my share of resources on this planet. I do try to live more simply, but I think it is the air travel that boosts my carbon footprint. This is a real challenge to us: how to meet and connect using other ways apart from air travel. And what of the ‘love miles’ when you visit family?

Salome Leseyane: 4,83 planets

We would need 4,83 planets if everyone lived my lifestyle! There is certainly a lot of waste in the world, and food waste is the worst. It would be great if everyone could do this exercise!

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.13.51 AMKen Gray from Canada: 2,5 planets

We would require 2.5 planets if we all lived as I do. Much work to do ahead. How do others fare using the calculator?



2 thoughts on “Day 0: Ash Wednesday”

  1. I did the Carbon Footprint and I discovered that if everyone lived as I do we would need 2.39 planets. We only have one! It is discouraging because I try to be “green” in much that I do. Susan MacRae, Victoria BC

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