Look back over the year and how you use your Sundays: How much petrol do you use? How much money do you spend? Commit yourself to simple Sundays during Lent—spending time with friends and family, simpler food, less travel, enjoying God’s creation…

During the Sabbath, work—and all of its trappings—ceases for 24 hours. “Property” becomes “earth” again, neither sub-divided nor owned nor sold nor otherwise transacted. Goods and services are shared—distributed so that everyone has enough for their Sabbath needs. Commerce is banished. Consumption recedes to a bare minimum. Life, full of gratitude, in the presence of others, is the nature of the day. Although this utopia dissolves at sunset, its vision doesn’t. Rather, the remembrance of the Sabbath helps us reset our attitudes toward what we do the rest of the week and challenges us to remember and justify why we do what we do.

An excerpt from Taking the Shemittah Challenge in 2014 by Jewish Rabbi, Nina Cardin


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