Use a reusable shopping bag

Declare today ‘plastics-free day’ at home. As you use up a plastic item in your home, actively look for a non-plastic, more durable alternative. Be sure not to pick up your groceries in a plastic carry bag, but use your own re-useable bags instead.


PLASTIC PARADISE: Check out the trailer to this documentary on the plastic waste island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas!

Plastic Paradise

These high school learners from Cape Town, South Africa came up with a creative solution to use  discarded plastic bottles.

Annie Leonard of The Story of Stuff recently recorded an interesting podcast called Green Chemistry:

If it’s on the store shelf, it’s been tested and found safe, right? Guess again. Bev Thorpe of Clean Production Action talks about the hidden chemical dangers in everyday products and how ‘green chemistry’—designing materials and products without harmful chemicals—promises to transform the relationship between us and our Stuff.

Also check out this short and engaging movie (8 minutes) on the Story of Bottled Water:

The Story of Bottled Water



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