Lend out or borrow items like ladders, lawnmowers, or even cars, amongst friends instead of buying them new. Think of starting a monthly maintenance day in your community to keep each others’ homes and gardens in shape.

Diana McGrath left this comment on our Facebook page: “A good friend and I have a weekly Help-each-other Day. Sometimes we get a lot of work done, and sometimes we just have coffee!”

What are some of your thoughts and ideas?

A sermon to take note of:

Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills Church (a church that identifies best with the Anabaptist movement) in St. Paul, Minnesota, US often talks about materialism in his sermons. We’d like to point you to one entitled Exorcism, which is available for free download:

One of the main spiritual strongholds that we deal with is “mine-ing” stuff. We want to acquire stuff, label it as ours and create divisions in our souls that separate us from God. God wants us to heal these divisions by renouncing the false god, Mammon.

The church also did a series called Kingdom Economics and recorded this panel discussion:

During the series, many people have sent in questions about their personal finances. Today we heard from a panel of people from Woodland Hills who responded to those questions with Kingdom of God principles.

Question #3
I’m in a small group that’s been together for a while, and we want to take additional steps to live our lives in a more connected way. Can you offer us some ideas?

Response #3
Some small groups pool their resources and even help each other get out of debt! In Acts 2 we see that the early Christian communities shared all things in common. There’s no reason we cannot move in that direction today too. We can share things like money, housing, snow-blowers, lawnmowers, vehicles, and so forth. These things strengthen our communities as well as reduce the amount of “stuff” we all have to take care of.


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