We’re almost at the end of this year’s carbon fast. Will you continue after Palm Sunday?

Before we go, ponder this: Where does everything go? And what impact does it have on the planet and our health? The methane that leaks from landfills, the waste that is produced during the manufacturing of our new purchases… Can we make informed choices that are better for our health and the planet?

Well said, NY Times!

“There’s something ridiculous about the life of a two-handled plastic shopping bag. The 20 minutes it spends cradling your groceries home is bracketed by two vast gulfs of time. First, thousands of years beneath the earth, in a natural-gas deposit, and then, after its conversion to a disposable polyethylene product, a second eternity as all-but-indestructible trash.

Derelict bags flutter from tree branches and power lines; they float in the ocean; they foul beaches and roadsides. If they are not offending the eye they are endangering fish, clogging storm drains or, most likely, bulking up a landfill. Some find brief second lives through reuse, like picking up dog droppings, but those noble detours, too, are short and swift, and end most often in the trash.”

Read this article on Aljazeera America: Ocean garbage thwarts Flight MH370 search

“It’s like a toilet bowl that swirls but doesn’t flush.”

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 11.24.00 PM


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